TOTEMIC – Paris – 9 November 2013

Totemic: An inspirational night in Paris.

A pure underground inner city rave at Le Soft – Wicked vibes – and huge thanks to everyone involved. It was an unforgettable moment

Here are a selection of images from the night – thanks to the photographers

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Max Volume and Charlie Kane join SP23

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Max Volume and Charlie Kane as full blown members of SP23. We are hugely proud to have such unbelievable talents as part of the crew. Here is a little bit about them both and a mix each to check out.


Born in Berlin on the road with Spiral Tribe, Max Volume attended his first rave at 2 weeks old. Immersed within dance music culture from his first breath, he rapidly honed his musical instincts as a teenager and developed a natural flair for performance and production alike.

As his musical identity began to flourish, Max spent 2 years working at Noise Control Audio where he gained an in-depth knowledge of how sound systems work and the physics of sound – concepts which he wove deep into his music.

Playing across Europe with the Audiotrix crew, he swiftly made a name for himself with his energy, technical skill, showmanship and infectious groove, and with a trail of packed dancefloors in his wake, he began to play regularly at SP23 events.

He divides his time equally between playing to packed houses across the continent and submerging himself in his studio working on his forthcoming releases.



Charlie Kane made an instant mark on the musical landscape when in 2011 and at the age of 16, he began unleashing a series of slamming releases that garnered him respect, recognition, and the interest of a wide spectrum of labels. He has released singles on the likes of LOT49, AUX Technology, VIM, Audiotrix, Elektroshok, Diablo Loco, 96kHz, Divergence, Scarcity, Death Proof, Neom and many more.  

He was born into the heart of the Spiral Tribe sound system where he developed not only a passion for production, waveforms and frequency, but an intuitive understanding of live performance.

Hugely prolific and consistently switching up styles and vibes, he has become widely known for deeply penetrating tracks in styles as diverse as low slung house and rampaging drum n bass. Carving an especially incisive niche within the breaks scene, he swiftly became a regular in the Beatport charts.

He is currently working on his first full length album and is scheduled to play such events as the iconic Transmusicales in Rennes as well as at selected SP23 events.

SP23 Marseille – 5 October 2013

What a storming night in Marseille last weekend. It was a massive, kicking party and we’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who came down – the atmosphere was charged with pure electricity and the vibe was absolutely beautiful. Sorry to all the people who didn’t manage to get in, but we’ll be back in Marseille very soon – watch this space……

What a crowd, what a rave – here’s some wicked photos from the night………..

Next stop Bordeaux

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Les Rencontres Alternatives – Rennes – 31/08/2013

Huge thanks to everyone at Les Rencontres Alternatives in Rennes – the organisers, the volunteers, the sound systems and everyone who came down to create a wicked vibe. It was a massive buzz to see the free party spirit and the sense of community and unity in the scene so vibrant and alive. Special thanks to SOS Sound system and Hilutek for having us in to play on their rigs – respect. Here’s a great little article on the night and a slideshow of photos with more to follow

English Version –

Grand merci a tout le monde a Les Rencontres Alternatives a Rennes – les organisateurs, les son systems, les benevoles, et tout le monde qui a venu pour partager le soiree. Ca fait trop du bien de voir l’esprit free et l’espirit du ommunauté et unite si vivant. Surtout merci a S.O.S et Hilutek pour avoir mit leur sons a notre dispo – grande respect. Voici une petit reportage sympa et quelques photos en diaporama avec plus a suivre

Version Francais –

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