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Forward the Revolution

Forward the Revolution was first released by Spiral tribe in 1992 on Big Life Records. It was repressed in 2022 and 100% of the profit was donated to Fonds de Soutien Juridique des Sons (FSJS) A Total of 5000€. Since that date demand was so great that it has had to be repressed twice, a total of 3500 copies.

We continue to donate proceeds to FSJS and encourage others to do the same.

The FSJS is an association for the protection of Sound Systems, Since its creation in 2014, they have been working to defend free party sound systems subjected to equipment seizures and police violence, specifically with legal help and fees.

Forward the Revolution was released in 1992 when Spiral Tribe signed to Big Life records. When we signed to this label it was agreed no one would take personal profit and no one would put their name to the track. It was to be anonymous and any money would help the collective Spiral Tribe mission.

So what is the mission today ?

The world is a very different place today from what it was over 30 years ago when we first started setting up Sound Systems in fields, but some things don’t change, free parties cost money to put on and with new laws and increasing police violence they need our help more than ever.

So, we have re-released Forward the revolution and are giving 100% of the money back to the sound system culture we come from. We are making this gesture to try and inspire ravers and all who attend free parties to start being generous and to give donations to our sisters and brothers who are taking all the risks today to keep this scene going.

And we will give our share over to the Sound Systems

SP23 - Forward The Revolution
Forward the Revolution - Spiral Tribe

Give to the Sound System is the new message

Next time you go to a party just go and give the sound system some money or donate online to organisations like the FSJS.