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SP23 Infoblip - Spiral Tribe

The combination of imagination and electronic networks has given rise to an explosion of global creativity and communication. Today, this freedom is under threat from governments and corporations alike, often in pervasively subtle ways such as monitoring, data mining, the commodification of personal data and the commercial enclosure of the electronic commons.

Free public space has always been more than a physical concept. It is an area in which social connections are forged and ideas exchanged. We are witnessing the silent takeover of the world around us by corporate entities that tunnel into the subconscious and implant self-serving templates of reality. Advertisers and lobbyists have not only managed to hijack the right to dominate the physical and virtual landscapes, but also fragments of our consciousness as we pass through them.

As the dynamics of public and cyber space are reshaped; ingenuity, resourcefulness and freedom are more critical to our digital evolution than ever.

SP23 will be hosting a day event to address these issues. Guest speakers will facilitate forums and workshops that look at creative and practical ways to encourage society to keep the electronic commons open, uncensored and of benefit to all. The day event will (of course) be followed by an all night, live, SP23 party.

Watch this space.