SP23 Are Doing it Live!

What is the difference between a DJ set and a Live set?

SP23 doin it liveSP23 artist’s, Crystal Distortion, 69DB and Ixindamix have been pioneers of live dance music since the early 1990’s. Each of them with their own unique style, yet they share a belief that live music connects with the dancefloor in a deep and empowering way.

Ixindamix, ‘A large part of a DJ’s skill is the selection, whereas we as live-setters, actually create the music in real time… The beauty of the improvised set is that it allows us to craft a completely individual sound. A big part of my sound being real-time synth automation where new sounds are actually created live – which gives the music an incredibly fresh edge!’

69DB ‘When we go on stage nothing is mixed or arranged. This gives a really flexible way of making music, unique to each situation…’

In this way, SP23 generates a very special synergy between the musicians and the dancers. Because the live performance is created in the moment and is of the moment, the night-long event becomes a whole new shared experience, inwhich everyone is participating. The musicians tune in to the crowd, the crowd tune in to the musicians. It is the language of dance.

When asked why anyone should come and experience SP23’s live performances, Crystal Distortion replied, ‘ Because life will never be the same again!’

After smashing it at Boomtown, playing gigs in Japan, Berlin, Rome and Barcelona – SP23 (with full live and DJ crew, plus special guests) will be doing it live in Bristol!

07/11/2015       22.30 -07.00
Tickets from the Lakota.co.uk
SP23 Bristol Event on Facebook



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